Alex Maracic in the Maclay
CHJA Finals Weekend 2014

3 year old thoroughbred in need of home!! He’s offered at 850$ and will be sent to auction if not bought. This guy is gorgeous and needs a chance at life! I’d take him if I could afford board around my area. 
Please SHARE and if you can help then please PM me and I’ll put you in contact with the owner.  I don’t know her personally but she is on a closed Facebook group.


[sprays u with water] no, bad opinion 

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To all the best friends out there.

Danielle Duryea Photography

Anonymous said: can you make outfits that are a bit more affordable?

Yeah! I’d need a price range though.

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Let’s Get Expensive! by gpas-and-parlantis featuring screw back earringsBurberry brown shirt / Rolex watch / Screw back earrings / Alex and Ani antique silver bracelet / Snake skin belt / Lightweight glove
One of the biggest challenges of a horsemen is to be able to control your emotions. Buck Brannaman (via palominah)

This is so true.

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Sapphire @ sunset

Devon 2014.
Source: The Chronicle


Do u ever try to take a full body picture of your horse but when you move far enough away to take it they follow you and half of you’s like ‘aww you’re so cute u love me!!’ Then the other half is like ‘no you fuCKER stand stILL’

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Clean tack, clean bit, clean conscience, clean round. My trainer (who apparently is a clean freak)

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Silver & Spurs